Hope M4/XT/M755 Brake Pads


Out there in the real world what matters most to riders when it comes to braking performance is power and lifespan. So our brake pad testing was about as real world as it gets; lap after lap of the notorious 34k Dalby Red Trail- known for its switchbacks, swooping corners and of course the most abrasive soils known to man.

When it rained we did a lap. Lap after Lap. After the 10th lap we were happy considering a standard set of pads often can’t complete a single lap of this trail in the rain! Then we tested them in the extreme desert heat of Moab Utah during a period which even the locals said was unusually hot; 100 degrees F+. No fade and still little signs of wear. Plus the RC8 pad gave consistent power and instant bite. Result!

Pace RC8 pads are made using copper alloys combined to form a very dense & hard material which provides for a much higher friction level, particularly over Organic pads (for which they can be used as a direct replacement).

We also use high strength stainless steel springs and magnetic backing plates which are painted bright red so you can differentiate between pad material and plate so it’s easy to check wear.

And don’t be concerned that only the original brand of pad will be suitable for your brake calipers- we’ve been supplying local riders in Yorkshires busiest trail centres for years so you can be assured our pads are a no fuss easy fit and forget performance upgrade.

Notes; 1. Certain disc brake rotors are only suitable for resin pads so check yours dosen’t specify this. 2. For even higher brake performance we recommend our ultra high temperature RC312 Racing Brake Fluid.