Soph's Wee Scottish Adventure

If you have emailed Pace or placed an order there is a really high chance you have spoken to Sophie, our go-to girl. Sophie is embarking on a rather big challenge for an amazing cause. She is riding from the widest part of Scotland to the other widest part on the other side of the country on her bike (model yet to be decided) otherwise known as the Scottish Coast to Coast. Over 200 miles across 7 days is going to be unreal but equally challenging, especially for someone who can't read a map. Please go and sponsor her, you can read her story here where you can also donate (even if it is pennies) and all of your money goes to Bliss Charity to help look after sick and premature babies. We will keep you updated on Sophie's training progress and the challenge itself.

Thanks for your support it means a lot to all of us here at Pace.