Pace Retro Fork Parts O-Ring/Quad Ring Service Kits Various Models

£12.50 incl VAT

Pace O-Ring/Quad Ring Service Kits

 (Picture is representative of product and content of each kit will vary from model to model)

Please ensure to select the correct kit for your model of fork. If uncertain you can contact us on 01751 477737.

New and unused

Suitable for Pace Forks 1997- 2007 RC36, RC37, RC38, RC39, RC40, RC41 and also RC29er and RC150 models. Note these kits do not include the main stanchion Wiper Kit which is available separately.

Genuine factory spare parts for classic Pace forks. Manufactured to highest specification. UK manufactured to high tolerance using correct Shore Rate for application.

Where necessary high performance Quad Rings are used which give unrivalled low friction and high sealing.

Original parts not pattern parts.

(We also recommend rebuilding fork using Pace RC7 Fork Grease).

Most spare parts available for all Pace models: RC35, RC36, RC37, RC38, RC39, RC40, RC41 and RC150.

Full service and repair available at our service centre.